COVID-19 Information

The Kincardine Family Health Team is committed to your safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are offering in-person, phone, and virtual appointments to meet your needs.


Get Vaccinated!

Vaccination appointments can be booked on the KFHT website, using the provincial or local booking sites. In addition, the Grey Bruce Public Health Unit website has up-to-date information about the pandemic locally.

Get Current Information!

Visit the Government of Ontario’s website to get the latest provincial case data and updates, learn how to protect yourself and others, and get advice on what to do next if you think you might have COVID-19.


Get Tested!

All Local COVID-19 Assessment Centres require individuals to book an appointment.
Book online at:

Kincardine Family Health Team
1201 Queen Street North

Owen Sound Regional Hospital
1800 8th Street East

Hanover & District Hospital
90 – 7th Avenue


Care During COVID-19

To make sure we can continue to care for our patients safely and effectively, the Kincardine FHT is offering virtual care appointments using audio and video technologies.

KFHT Virtual Visit Privacy and Security

Just like online shopping or email, Virtual Care has some inherent privacy and security risks that your health information may be intercepted or unintentionally disclosed. We want to make sure you understand this before we proceed.


  • We use video and audio technology so we can see and hear each other.
  • In order to improve privacy and confidentiality, you should also take steps to participate in this virtual care encounter in a private setting, and should not use an employer’s or someone else’s computer/device as they may be able to access your information.
  • We recommend you be in a quiet place for your virtual visit so that others cannot overhear the session (unless you want to include others in your visit – please tell us who is with you).
  • You will be asked for details of what is happening and your health history – these questions may be very personal and sensitive.
  • Details of your virtual visit will be recorded in your health record just like in an in-person visit.
  • We will not make a recording of the virtual visit. We ask that you not record the visit either.
  • We may ask to take photographs if necessary to treat you – we will tell you before we take any photograph.


  • Virtual visits are not appropriate for emergencies – please call 911.
  • We may not be able to have a virtual visit with you if we need to touch you as part of the examination.
  • Time may be limited based on the availability of our staff during the pandemic.
  • This service may not be available after the pandemic – we may need to end it at any time.


  • We have taken appropriate steps to preserve your privacy based on this emergency situation.
  • However, we cannot provide you with the same guarantee of security and confidentiality as if you were seen in person.
  • Our staff who are doing the virtual visit may be working from home because of the pandemic – they will also try to find a quiet place away from others in their household .


  • Unregulated virtual care technologies increase the risk that your personal health information may be intercepted or disclosed to third parties. These tools are being used as an extraordinary measure during the COVID-19 pandemic when regulated technology is not readily available [and/or convenient re. patient lacks the requisite internet bandwidth and/or speed; infrastructure (re. computer, microphone, camera)], and the necessity to keep people from congregating or attending health facilities where they may be exposed to the COVID-19 virus is thought to outweigh the risk of personal privacy breaches on both a personal and population health basis.
  • It is possible there could be a problem with the technology and your session could be cut short or interrupted.
  • The quality of the video or audio may not be good enough for a health care provider to assist you virtually or could negatively impact the quality of the care you receive

Virtual Care Guide for Patients

The Canadian Medical Association, the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada created a guide to help patients prepare for “virtual visits” with their healthcare providers.

Review this guide for more information about virtual care.

Please note that KFHT services and hours of operation are subject to change.
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